We guarantee the best service

We transport your goods both nationally and internationally,
from the loading dock to the city centre shop via our unique tail-lift system.
We always organise the most efficient manner of transport for you and
guarantee a swift and safe service at the best price.
You can also count on us for the
safe storage and transshipment of your goods.

3 generations of experience at your service.

  • '22

    Van de Poel's first transport related activities take us back to 1922. Back then, that meant horse and cart.

    Grandfather Louis ”the miller“ ran a successful mill in Bouwel and took on the daily milk rounds, along with dealing in grain and straw.

  • '60

    His son, Karel, took over in 1960 and brought in the first tractor and trailer, and later on, the first truck.

    Thanks to this agricultural business, Van de Poel gained a lot of international contacts. This built a strong foundation for the new business.

  • '82

    When the third generation of the family, brothers Luc in 1982 and Wim in 1989 took over the family business, Van de Poel became a transport company.

    It started off transporting cattle feed and importing agricultural products from France but the growing demand for general transport and offered investments gave Van de Poel its name as a reliable reference.

  • '93

    The changeover from Ltd to PLC and the definitive turn towards international transport came about in 1993.

    The transport of part loads and groupage as well as the storage and transhipment activities raised Van de Poel to the level of full logistics provider. The activities became more and more defined and specialised to the transport of general goods.

  • '98

    In 1998, the company moved from Bouwel to the current location in Herenthout's industrial area, where there was also a possibility to store and transship goods in its own 12,000 square metre warehouse.

    In 2006, the company also expanded the fleet.

  • ...

    The company's future is safe guarded by the fourth generation,
    which is already active within various departments of the company.

A team you can count on every day

  • Customer friendliness, a personal approach and a high level of service, those are our strengths when it comes to service.
  • Our staff are trained to communicate to the point and to think solution orientated. Real time info is always available to you.
  • Thanks to our web order entry systeem CMRs are immediately available online, just like the invoices, which are accessible digitally.
  • We maintain our high levels of quality and safety for our drivers through regular trainings.
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Alain Jacops - Transport Van de Poel

Alain Jacops


+32 (0)14 28 38 06

Andrei Paul Adascalitei - Transport Van de Poel

Andrei Paul Adascalitei

Import Italië

+32 (0)14 28 37 97

Ben De Ridder - Transport Van de Poel

Ben De Ridder

Export Frankrijk & Duitsland

Cindy Vervoort - Transport Van de Poel

Cindy Vervoort


+32 (0)14 28 38 42

Dries Baeten - Transport Van de Poel

Dries Baeten

Teamleader Export

+32 (0)14 28 38 38

Erwin Nuyts - Transport Van de Poel

Erwin Nuyts

Teamleader Benelux

+32 (0)14 28 38 34

Gerry Dumortier - Transport Van de Poel

Gerry Dumortier

Teamleader ICT

+32 (0)14 28 38 25

Heidi Wuyts - Transport Van de Poel

Heidi Wuyts


+32 (0)14 28 38 46

Jana Huylebroeck - Transport Van de Poel

Jana Huylebroeck

Export Frankrijk

+32 (0)14 28 37 91

Janne Dedecker - Transport Van de Poel

Janne Dedecker

Import Frankrijk

Jessy Van de Poel - Transport Van de Poel

Jessy Van de Poel

Finance manager

+32 (0)14 28 38 48

Jochen Dillien - Transport Van de Poel

Jochen Dillien


Jolien Hoefkens - Transport Van de Poel

Jolien Hoefkens


+32 (0)14 28 38 33

Katrien Lambaerts - Transport Van de Poel

Katrien Lambaerts

Payroll & Driver Administration

Leslie Goris - Transport Van de Poel

Leslie Goris

Sales & Marketing Manager

+32 (0)14 28 38 03

Kelly Bertels - Transport Van de Poel

Kelly Bertels

Inside Sales

+32 (0)14 28 37 81

Kelly Krieckemans - Transport Van de Poel

Kelly Krieckemans

Inside Sales

Kurt Janssens - Transport Van de Poel

Kurt Janssens


+32 (0)14 28 37 80

Luc Leenders - Transport Van de Poel

Luc Leenders

Operations Manager

+32 (0)14 28 38 41

Luc Van de Poel - Transport Van de Poel

Luc Van de Poel


+32 (0)14 28 38 22

Marc De Vries - Transport Van de Poel

Marc De Vries

Driver coach

+32 (0)14 28 38 07

Nadine Verheyen - Transport Van de Poel

Nadine Verheyen

Purchase & Quality

+32 (0)14 28 38 44

Nancy Teurfs - Transport Van de Poel

Nancy Teurfs


+32 (0)14 28 37 83

Nathalie Bosschaerts - Transport Van de Poel

Nathalie Bosschaerts

Operational Administration

Nicolas Deman - Transport Van de Poel

Nicolas Deman

Key account manager

Patricia Debacker - Transport Van de Poel

Patricia Debacker

Customer support

Patrick De Beuckelaer - Transport Van de Poel

Patrick De Beuckelaer


Reinhout Bernaerts - Transport Van de Poel

Reinhout Bernaerts

Logistics Manager

Sophie Van Gompel - Transport Van de Poel

Sophie Van Gompel

Logistiek medewerker

Tom De Ceulaer - Transport Van de Poel

Tom De Ceulaer


+32 (0)14 28 38 35

Tom Van Dyck - Transport Van de Poel

Tom Van Dyck


Valerie Van de Poel - Transport Van de Poel

Valerie Van de Poel

HR Manager

+32 (0)14 28 37 84

Walter Putzeys - Transport Van de Poel

Walter Putzeys

Deputy General Manager

+32 (0)14 28 37 90

Wim Van de Poel - Transport Van de Poel

Wim Van de Poel


+32 (0)14 28 38 45

Yves Van den Bosch - Transport Van de Poel

Yves Van den Bosch

Customer support

+32 (0)14 28 38 08

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