Eco driving

Thanks to our Ecoscore system, we continually monitor our trucks' average consumption and anticipate initiatives to reduce them. We also monitor daily fuel-consumption in relation to average scores.


Our dispatching constantly keeps load-optimization in mind, so we can transport full loads. This significantly reduces our ecological footprint.

Our purchasing policy

When purchasing new vehicles, the environmental factor is our main priority.

Our current EURO-5 engines already have low emissions and with the introduction of EURO-6 standards 2012, these emission standards are even lower.

Meanwhile, most of our fleet consists of Euro 6 engines.

Transport Van de Poel
Transport Van de Poel

Managing paper use by
scanning CMRs and digital invoices

Another point we implemented from our environmental programme is a Document Management System.
This allows us to scan the received transport orders and CMRs, even in the trucks, and to store them in one joint file.

Besides saving time, this vastly reduces paper usage. With regards to the availability of signed CMRs, we strive to deliver these to our customers digitally if possible. Invoices are also mainly sent digitally.


Van de Poel boasts the 'Lean and Green' label after successfully completing a project organised by the (VIL vzw) Flemish Institute for Logistics.

Van de Poel also invests in CO2 emission limiting measures to operate more sustainably.

Van de Poel is part of a group of renowned logistical service providers who, under guidance of the VIL, strive to be more energy efficient and reduce CO emissions.

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