Policy statement 01-06-2017

Van de Poel Karel & Sons NV strives to become the leading transport company for quality, environment issues, wellbeing at work and sustainability by 2021.

This is what we aim to do for:

    • make customer satisfaction our number one priority
    • tmake on time no-damage deliveries for customer goods
    • offer customers a high quality level of service
    • abide by current (environmental) law at any given time
    • continually improve environmental efforts and go beyond the legal obligations to avoid pollution and prevent environmental contamination
    • a constant improvement of wellbeing at work with a focus on three domains: safety at work, health and psychosocial stress. The focus for the coming three years will be on the following domain: SAFETY AT WORK
    • to reduce and prevent work accidents, accidents with material damage and psychosocial incidents
    • to reduce accident related sick days

We achieve this by:

    • We train every staff member so our team can function perfectly, both with the customer as well as internally.
    • We expect our drivers to come across as neat and customer friendly.
    • We make sure our fleet looks clean.
    • We ensure accessibility and a friendly welcome by our staff.
    • to reduce accident related sick days
    • We make judicious use of resources, energy and water.
    • We lower our CO2 emissions by committed fleet follow-ups and coaching our drivers in eco-driving.
    • We expect everyone to work safely.
    • We involve our employees in the consultative committee.
    • We provide and maintain safe trucks, fork lifts, pallet transporters and infrastructure.
    • We provide training, workshops and courses for all employees in correct procedures, accident prevention and how to handle emergency situations.
    • We expect everyone to follow these instructions.
    • We are now taking actions towards an internal traffic plan.

We strive towards a policy safeguarding wellbeing, the environment and quality that we guarantee through continual efforts. We constantly monitor and adjust these policies to realise our mission.

We like to address feedback from staff and customers to optimise our service and organisation. This mission statement is evaluated every three years and is brought up to date according to current risks.

Managing Directors