Flexible deliveries, for example in the city,
thanks to our unique load-through system and extendible loading lifts

Thanks to our modern (off) loading facilities your goods make it to their destinations without detours. We don't only deliver at loading docks, but also straight to the city centre shop thanks to our unique load-through system and retractable tail-lifts, found on 80% of our fleet.

For city centre deliveries another possibility is to detach the back trailer and only enter the city with the front lorry so that a delivery can be made up to the pavement. The back trailer's load can then be ”loaded through“ to the front lorry, so it can drive more easily in the city centre.

Retractable tail-lifts have the advantage of not taking up extra space and it's also possible to back all the way up to the loading dock to (off) load.

Transport Van de Poel - truck

Efficient groupage to full freight solutions

To transport your goods fast and safely to the right place in the most efficient way that's our mission.

By combining a partial freight to full freight, the transport costs are kept low and it's better for the environment This is very important to us. Proof of this is our eco policy. Our Draw-Bar trucks can take 5 extra pallets more than a classic trailer.

Lastly, we can work with a double crew. This means the goods can travel over longer distance in less time. This makes your transport faster and more goods can be transported.

Transport Van de Poel - truck

Cold chain

Transport Van de Poel has over 25 refrigerated trailers for temperature-controlled transport and offers a logistic solution for goods to be transported at regulated temperature.

The ideal logistical service for each market segment

Thanks to our complete fleet and the many (off) loading options, we cater to lots of different market segments and can count on various customers in each segment.

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